How we can help...

We are here to offer you a solution that we hope will create a long lasting relationship

moving forward whilst easing the daily stress of finding tenants and dealing with the

general day to day of property hassle. As tenant relocation managers we are looking

for local letting agents to work with to rent houses/apartments on a long-term

contract for a win-win arrangement.

Just some of the benefits include:

  •  You will still receive your monthly commission (if the property is

                   currently fully managed by you)

  •  The owner will still receive a security deposit.
  •  As per your terms our company will pay the required application and referencing fee
  •  You would not be required to do any additional  work with the property as our

                   company will take care of everything. 

  •  Hill’s Property Investment would take care of the property and be responsible for the

                   tenants and professionals that will be staying in the property.

  •  Landlord receives full market rent over a stable time frame (No Voids)

If you believe you have any properties that are suitable for our needs, you can collect

your commission for up to 5 years with little or no effort on your part! usually we would

rent the property for 2-5 years whilst offering peace of mind for

yourselves and the owner that the property is being taken care of by a company that

understands the rental market and multi let sector.

What is a suitable property? We are currently looking for:


  •  2/3 Bed stylish and unique flats/apartments in Manchester City Centre
  •  Up to £1500 PCM
  •  Balcony or Terrace
  •  Furnished flats are a bonus, but certainly not a must
  •  Preferred parking in or near the property
  •  Shared facilities such as cinema, Gym, roof terrace


  • 3-4 Bed houses/ town houses suitable for renting out on a room by room basis
  • Spacious living areas
  • 2 or more bathrooms or suitable conversion space 
  • In busy, vibrant town centre locations, close to transport links and local amenities
  • Close to Universities