Guaranteed Rental Packages

 Whether you have just one property or one hundred properties, we offer very competitive guaranteed rental packages, ranging from 3-7 years  

This Includes:

  • Guaranteed rent! Paid direct to you every month. Meaning no more void periods.
  • Full management of the property. Relieving you of all the usual headaches that comes with owning property.
  • Tenant Management. The full management and monitoring of tenants to make sure your properties are kept clean and tidy.
  • Tenant Referencing. Full and thorough checks carried out to ensure only the most reliable tenants are put into your properties.
  • Maintenance of the property. Costs covered up to a certain amount every month to maintain a high standard of accommodation.
  • Light Refurbishments. We understand properties can become tired and worn from time to time. From the first day of looking after your properties we will carry out light refurbishments where needed to attract the very best tenants and promote high standards of living.
  • All utility Bills and services consumed at the property paid for by us.
  • No upfront costs or monthly management fee's.

How it Works

 We lease the property from you for 3 or more years and guarantee the rent each month paid on time. If needed, we bring the property up to the requirements for our tenants.  We then rent the property on a room by room basis as you would in a HMO. We also ensure the property meets all the current legislation and safety standards when using as a multi let. We take care of EVERYTHING including paying the bills each month. If you prefer to pay the bills yourself we are also happy with this arrangement. We carry out monthly inspections on your property and ensure that at the end of the agreement it is returned to you in the same if not better condition.